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Junior Domestic Grand Final Winners Summer 2022/23 Season

The Sunbury Basketball Association applaud our Junior Domestic teams who won the Summer 2022/23 grand finals, held on the 1st of April 2023. Also, thank you to our Sunbury Jets BigV players, who came down and supported the junior players during the matches.

We had quite a few close games and buzzer beaters, with Hawks TV beating Saints CP by 3 points in a thrilling game, Dodgers RM winning the U14 Boys division 1 grand final in overtime and Dodgers MN hitting a buzzer beater to win by 2.

The SBA look forward to seeing everyone again next season, kicking off on the 29th April.

Please see our winning teams below…

U12 Boys Division 1: Superoos 1 GT

U12 Boys Division 2: Hawks TV

U12 Boys Division 3: Lions 9 PS

U12 Boys Division 4: Rupo2MF12

U12 Girls Division 1: Superoos 31 MW

U12 Girls Division 2: Lions 1 GR

U14 Boys Division 1: Dodgers RM

U14 Boys Division 2: Dodgers MN

U14 Boys Division 3: Lions 15 HC

U14 Boys Division 4: Saints FB

U14 Girls Division 1: Dodgers BM

U14 Girls Division 2: Dodgers JM

U14 Girls Division 3: Braves EP

U16 Boys Division 1: Bulldogs B25

U16 Boys Division 2: Bulldogs B26

U16 Boys Division 3: Braves CM

U16 Boys Division 4: Hawks JP

U16 Girls Division 1: RCR MD

U16 Girls Division 2: Hawks DL

U16 Girls Division 3: Saints TG

U19 Boys Division 1: Superoos 13 BP U19 Boys Division 2: RCR RB

U19 Boys Division 3: Superoos 16 JD U19 Boys Division 4: RCR KH

U19 Girls Division 1: Hawks MC

U19 Girls Division 2: Superoos 36 JVP


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