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Sunbury Jets 2023 SCW Head Coach

BIGV | The Sunbury Basketball Association is pleased to announce Simon Nicholson as State Championship Women’s Coach.

Coach Nicholson has been involved in the women’s program at Sunbury since 2018. Simon is a home-grown coach that has been developed here and via the Basketball Victoria state system. Coach Simon has tasted success in his experience with our Youth program in 2018 as an Assistant. When asked about what he plans to bring to the program Coach Nicholson had this to say. "For me I plan to bring all the lessons I have been able to learn over the last 5 years as an assistant in the program and put them all together to get the program back to its championship winning ways of 2016-18. I’m lucky to be taking over the program in really competitive and exciting time and feel major success is just around the corner with a few small adjustments as we build on the foundations laid by Coach Draper in the 2022 season." "One of my big aims as Head Coach of the SCW is to be able provide a clear pathway full of opportunities for both Junior jets players and coaches to get to high-test level at their local club. I started at the club as a VJBL assistant coach in 2017 and have been able to grow with the opportunities given to me by the club and have the likes of Emily Conn and Olivia Ogston playing in the SCW team who played all the way through VJBL at Sunbury." "I’m excited to get to represent Sunbury at the highest level and show how much this club means to me. I can't wait to get to work and build a highly competitive team that players enjoy playing in and plays an exciting brand of basketball that the whole Sunbury Basketball community is proud of and can get behind." SBA Coaching Director Kennedy Kereama had this to say about the appointment. “From an SBA standpoint it is great to have a coach who has come through the SBA club pathway. Simon has put in a solid apprenticeship and worked with some great mentors; we often don't provide opportunities to coaches that are ready soon enough. Simon is a very astute coach, that is an incredibly hard worker and wants what’s best for his players. The appointment provides the SBA with security and gives Coach Simon the chance to build a program over the next three years.” Our senior Woman’s programs will have open trainings and tryouts on the 25th of October 7pm at Eric Boardman Stadium, Thursday 7pm on the 27th of October and 3rd of November at Kismet primary school. For more information regarding open runs contact Coach Simon Nicholson


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