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Player Clearances

As per By-Law 6.1, players who have played in the current/latest season must submit an online clearance to play for a team in a different club in the upcoming season. 

You are not allowed to play for your new club until the clearance has been approved.

Clearance fee

The standard clearance fee is $25. Any clearance submitted after 19th August, 2023 is late and will incur an extra $25 fee (total $50). 


As per By-Law 6.1, players can have the late clearance fee waived if the following conditions have occurred…

  • The current club has no team available or if the player has extenuating circumstances that warrants a club change.

  • Players who did not play in the season pertaining to the clearance eligibility can apply for a  clearance anytime.


Play HQ Clearance Steps:

Player must be already registered on PlayHQ from previous seasons

  • If attempting to clear child that has their account managed by the parent, please ensure that the parent who registered the child is the same as the parent who is attempting to clear the child.

  • Attempt to register using the link provided by the new club you are wanting to clear to

  • The system will automatically recognise that a system/transfer is required and will force the player to submit a transfer request. 

  • Player/parent will receive an email from the association with payment instructions. Please check junk/spam folder if you haven’t received an email within 7 days of applying for clearance. Payments must be made within 7 days of the email, otherwise the association will decline the clearance request.

  • Old club approves/declines request. 

  • Association approves/declines request.

  • New club approves/declines request.

  • Player will receive an email of clearance outcome and the player can officially register with the new club, if approved.


If at any stage your clearance is declined, please contact the club you are transferring to (new club) for information.


Please allow up to 21 days for your clearance to be approved. 

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