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Lost Property

120 Wilson Lane, Sunbury VIC 3429


Ph: 03 9744 4762

If you have lost something while visiting Boardman Stadium, we will do our very best to get your item(s) back to you.

Please complete the Lost Property form if you have lost something while visiting our stadium and our team members will see if your item(s) is here.

Please note, due to the high amount of lost property that is left behind at Boardman Stadium, we keep items for a certain amount of time before items are thrown out or donated on a Tuesday.


Time frames for items are below.

Drink bottles - 1 week

Clothing - 1 week

Basketballs - 2 weeks

Items of Value (jewlery, watches, glasses, wallets, etc.) - 1 month

Any questions regarding lost property, please email

Thanks for your enquiry, we'll be in touch!

Lost Property

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